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Magazine RICARDO 2024 PRINTEMPS - V22N4

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Ring in spring the right way with RICARDO Magazine /span>

TWith the return of warm days ahead, there will be changes in the way we cook, such as more colourful dishes. Immerse yourself in an environment that’s beautifully effervescent, and RICARDO Magazine will be joining you. We’ve got nutritionist-approved recipes, both healthy and colourful, that will be a breath of fresh air; we follow Ricardo’s daughter Béatrice to the sugar shack with her in-laws as they revisit old family traditions; and enter the tropical zone as we share a few desserts starring sunny fruit.


Also in this issue:

  • THE BEST MUSHROOM PIZZA You can never go wrong with mushrooms on a pizza. But with a cream-based sauce, shallots and just the right cooking time, it’s taken to a whole other level. We’ve gathered all these elements, and more, to develop a quite exceptional mushroom pizza. /span>
  • HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CREAM EGGS As Easter approaches, will you be stocking up on those gooey chocolate-covered cream eggs that can only be found at this time of year? Well, here’s a recipe that you can make any time of the year at home! The eggs are made from ingredients you likely already have. All you need to plan for is a bit of time for them to cool before you can shape them and enjoy.
  • A RESTAURANT-WORTHY MAPLE SYRUP PIE Last spring, this pie was such a huge hit at Café RICARDO that we had no choice but to put it back on the menu…and share the recipe with you! Whipped cream, cube-shaped jellies and a maple crumble add some sparkle to its simple filling. It’s a pie that highlights Canada’s liquid gold and that will make your sweet tooth happy. /span>
  • The magazine is available in French only 


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