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RICARDO magazine Winter 2

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Taste the Joy of Winter with RICARDO Magazine

Food is colourful and fragrant this winter. To get a boost of energy during the cold season, bet on highly flavourful and diverse dishes. The new issue of the winter edition of the magazine is an invitation to discover easy recipes with perfectly balanced aromas. Our chef Isabelle takes you on a trip to Thailand and we’ve got explosive flavours for you. Plus, we’re suggesting various chocolatey dessert combos for Valentine’s Day.


Also in this issue:

  • A SPICY HOMEMADE CHILI CONDIMENT (CHILI CRISP) Spicy, sweet, salty, crunchy…and completely addictive! That’s how we could describe this Chinese condiment. Super enhance for the past few years, it’s used to boost the taste of eggs, grilled meat, noodles, tofu—in other words, anything that could use a little spice.
  • FALLING IN LOVE WITH ITALIAN WEDDING SOUP Far from being served at weddings, this comforting soup owes its name to its happy meeting of ingredients. It combines moist meatballs, a clear broth, diced carrots and celery, a leafy green veggie, like spinach, and short pasta. A good sprinkling of Parmesan brings the final Italian touch to this union of lovely flavours.
  • A DUCK CONFIT AND ROASTED ONION BARLEY DISH JUST LIKE AT THE RESTAURANT In winter, we love entertaining with comforting, yet refined dishes. Served at Café RICARDO restaurants, this barley recipe is a sure bet. The deep flavours come from the combination of duck confit, miso and mushrooms.
  • The magazine is available in French only 


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