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La Chimie des desserts Book (French Version)

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Few books in Quebec explore basic cooking techniques and the phenomena behind making a successful dish. This book, dedicated to the chemistry of desserts, fills a void by offering beginners and aficionados alike the secrets of successful dessert-making. It answers questions so many cooks have pondered: Why did the top of my cake crack? Why aren’t my egg whites fluffing up? Why did my soufflé deflate when I took it out of the oven? What type of apple is the best for a pie?



  • Available only in french
  • Authors: Christina Blais and Ricardo Larrivée
  • Publication date: March 2007
  • Publisher: La Presse
  • Number of pages: 223 pages



More a basic" how to " learning book , taught they would have great desserts idea but mostly basic dessert stuff ! Ricardo has great recipes for desserts and none where in there