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Portable BBQ

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The portable barbecue is the ideal cooking companion for camping and picnics. The large cooking surface is perfect for searing meat and grilling skewers. Equipped with a silent fan that continuously circulates heat and optimizes its power. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to carry anywhere.


  • Large cooking surface: 0.27m² (423.5 in²)
  • Cooking temperature can reach over 260 °C/500 °F which is perfect for searing meat
  • Works with charcoal (not included)
  • The lid allows food to cook evenly and faster while keeping moisture in
  • Integrated fan for a better heat control
  • Temperature gauge on the lid to better monitor heat
  • Lightweight and compact it is perfect for all outdoors activities
  • Carry bag included for easy transport
  • Easy to clean


Ce n'est pas une évaluation mais une question comment fonctionne-il, à propane ou butane??

Je trouve ça parfait pour moi je demeure dans mon appartement et je suis âgée de83 ans