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Magazine 2022 Vol. 20 No 6 Summer 2

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The simplicity of summer

Between two swims and a Frisbee match, we want simple and refreshing meals that can be prepared even in our swimsuits. In our new issue, we’ve got recipes to beat the heat, as well as desserts that are easy to prepare and adorned with spectacular garnishes. On the fresh side, we fall under fennel’s spell and escape to Île d’Orléans, along with chef Isabelle Deschamps Plante, to meet local producers and their families and cook with the berries that they grow. It’s not complicated; this is simply how we enjoy our summers.


Also in this issue:

  • Cold recipes for hot days Eat warm dishes when the mercury surpasses 30°C? No thanks! What the recipes we’ve gathered here offer are freshness, crunch, colour and seasonality. These meals, which are light and don’t require (too much) cooking, are ideal when the heat and humidex meet.
  • Fantastic fennel Very popular in Italy, fennel is less well known here. Seduced by its freshness, aniseed taste and versatility, we’re giving it its due by preparing it with vegetables, seafood and even in dessert. Bulb, stalks, leaves, seeds: We explore it in all its forms, sometimes enjoying it raw, sometimes cooked, in an infusion or as a herb. It’s pure pleasure for our taste buds!
  • It’s all about the toppings For the past few years, we’ve been mad about toppings! From ice cream cones to dazzling doughnuts loaded with chocolate, cookies, pretzels and a slew of other treats, each one is more appetizing than the next. We wanted to jump on the trend, too, by offering simple recipes, often with a base of store-bought desserts, but that are absolutely flamboyant. Here’s our secret in advance: It’s all in the toppings!
  • The magazine is available in French only 


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