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Let there be light!

Have some fun creating a lively, sun-soaked atmosphere with our new collection, featuring a luminous palette of colours, including canary yellow and botanical green, combined with beautiful graphics and vegetable patterns. This perfect blend of vibrant tones and natural materials will bring life, warmth and energy to any decor. Your dining room will be literally shining!

Small urban gardens

What could be better than berries freshly picked from the garden, whether you add them to recipes or use them as inspiration for table settings! We’ve come up with an eye-catching collection featuring colourful illustrations of blueberries, strawberries, fruit cocktails and smoothies. The lovely patterns of fern leaves and cactus—all the rage right now in home decor—are a nod to small urban gardens, and they blend perfectly with our genuine wooden kitchen accessories, available in beech, maple and acacia.