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Set of 12 Silicone Individual Mini-Muffin Moulds

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These colourful mini-muffin moulds are made of silicone, which makes unmoulding and cleaning much easier. Both environmentally friendly and practical, they’re ideal for baking cupcakes, mini-muffins and individual servings of other types of cakes.


  • 12 individual mini-muffin moulds
  • Made of silicone
  • Non-stick for easy unmoulding
  • Can be used alone or in a metal mould specifically designed for safe use
  • Withstands oven temperatures up to 485°F (250°C) 

  • Dishwasher safe


J'aime bien ces moules à muffins! Je dois dire que je préférais l'ancien modèle, jaune-vert-turquoise, car ils étaient plus rigide, mais ceux-ci sont tout aussi efficace. J'en ai plus de 50!

j'adore !!