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Angled Tip Maple Wood Spoontula

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This versatile wooden tool is halfway between a spoon and a spatula. The angled tip is designed to scrape bowls and pans without scratching the surface.


  • Made of solid maple wood
  • Ergonomic handle can be inserted into the grooved handles of all RICARDO cookware
  • A wide and deep spoon head designed for mixing and scooping generous amounts of sauce and food.
  • Designed with an angled tip to scrape bowls and pans
  • Easy washing by hand
  • Not dishwasher safe


I just ordered and received an Angled Tip Wooden Spoontula and a Pastry Blender... The Angled Tip Wooden Spoontula is great to get into the bottom of any pot you are using especially when making puddings. A regular wooden spoon is curved and cannot get into the sides of any pot correctly, so you end up with cooked or burned puddings. The Pastry Blender is solid and not like the cheap one I had. The wires were all bent and did not function properly. It is also great for making chopped egg salad. I must mention that Ricardo's items are quality products.